January Sales Boom For Property Market!


 The new decade has got off to a great start for the property market, with January 2020 seeing a significant boom in house sales.


For iMove and many other estate agents across the UK, interest in properties and - more importantly - actual house price sales, rose considerably during the first month of the year. More For Sale signs have been going up, there's been more interest in registering as a buyer and more successful property transactions have taken place. 


After a somewhat sluggish period last year, it's encouraging to see that sales have already increased, as it was hoped they would following the December 2019 General Election results. Although the property market isn't directly connected to politics, it's felt that gaining some much needed political certainty has helped the property market to stabilise – something that is much needed. As a result, more people now seem to be focusing on their long-term future plans and are progressing with buying and selling properties.


For those who already had properties for sale, they've welcomed the arrival of increased interest and viewings. It can be tough trying to sell a house whilst the market is sluggish, but knowing more people are interested and viewing is much more encouraging.


For those who had been thinking of putting their house on the market, but were unsure whether to proceed, it's good to see they are finally taking the plunge and doing so. A new year, a new decade and perhaps the chance to make new resolutions too has triggered action, encouraging people to get on and try selling their homes, rather than simply debating whether or not to do so.


Google searches relating to UK property buying have also increased recently, highlighting that the boom in interest isn't just confined to the south west and appears to be a nationwide increase. Data reveals that online searches for popular terms such as 'mortgage in principle', 'mortgage advisor' and 'property for sale' have all increased significantly during the first month of 2020.


As we move closer to Spring – a season that is typically busy in the property sector – it's hoped that this positive start to the year will continue and increase even further, helping 2020 be a world apart from the property stagnation of 2019.


If you are thinking of buying or selling your home in Torquay or Teignbridge, now is the time to act. Take advantage of the current property boom and contact us today to discuss putting your house on the market, or to discover new properties available to help you get on the property ladder. Call us now on 01803 367191 or complete our online form to request a call back.



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