COVID-19: Our viewing policy



Viewing Policy

Please be advised that whilst we will take all reasonable care to prevent the spread of COVID-19 both the sellers/occupiers and viewers are ultimately responsible for their own personal safety and undertake viewings at their own risk.


 Prior to any viewings:

  • The seller/occupier has cleaned the property including any external door handles etc before vacating the property and to leave all internal doors open.
  • The seller/occupier must refuse or cancel a viewing if anyone in the household has had symptoms or been around anyone with symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
  • The viewer (or anyone in their household) has not had any symptoms or been in contact with anyone with any symptoms within the last 14 days and have not tested positive for COVID-19.
  • If the viewer requires a mortgage the current agreement must be issued from the 1st April 2020 in relation to making an offer.

 On a viewing:

  • The seller/occupier will vacate the property for the duration of the viewing or if unable to, sit in their vehicle or garden
  • The staff member will ensure that all internal doors are already open, and any lights required already switched on (if possible, the seller/occupier should do this before vacating the property.)
  • The viewer is advised to wear their own PPE e.g. a face covering.
  • The viewer must not touch any surfaces within the property and should use hand sanitiser on arriving at the property. Hand sanitiser will be supplied by our agent.
  • No more than two adults, in addition to the staff member, may attend the viewing.
  • Children are not to attend viewings if possible. If children have to attend, they must not touch things.
  • A one-metre distance should be maintained between the viewer and staff member wherever possible. Our agents are fully trained in how to conduct a viewing whilst maintaining a safe distance.
  • Under no circumstances should hands be shaken.
  • We will not be supplying any paperwork or brochures. If you’d like to take notes please bring your own pen & paper.
  • Our agent will be wearing a face covering.

 After a viewing:

  • Our agent will wipe down any door handles and switches with antibacterial wipes as they leave the property.
  • PPE and wipes that our agents use will be disposed of carefully in a suitable waste bag and kept in the boot of the car along with antibacterial gel being used before getting back in the car.
  • On return to the office (or home) the staff member will wash their hands thoroughly.


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